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Born in Paris, Marie Salomé Peyronnel is an independent curator, advisor and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. 


As a curator Marie Salomé is very much inspired by art practices that blur the lines with other fields (e.g., nature, crafts, social change, ritual, food...). Her previous art shows took place in galleries, gardens and decommissioned spaces around New York. Through her various collaborations, curations and gallery jobs, she has developed an expertise in textile art, process-driven photography and African art.

She is the co-
founder of Hayom Art, a business where she invites contemporary artists from all origins and cultures to rethink Judaica objects (Jewish ritual objects).


As a writer, Marie Salomé has contributed to many magazines including Slate, Vanity Fair, Stylist and La Gazette Drouot. She now regularly contribute to Le Goût de M which is Le Monde's magazine.


She is the author of Le Livre qui console, a collection of short stories and interviews about tears which is illustrated by Joann Sfar. (Flammarion Publishing, 2014)  

In 2023 she was the main author of the Louis Vuitton City Guide for New York City.



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