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February 28, 2017 - March 6, 2017, New York City 

Show: Minus the sun

Curator: Marie Salomé Peyronnel

Room 2360 (4 Times Square, NY)


Artists: Sophia Narrett, Radouan Zeghidour, Pauline Guerrier, Albert Palma, Alexandre Silberstein and Aurélie Pétrel. 


Nightmares and bedtime fears, faith and prayers, boredom, loneliness, love, even illicit exploration of the city… The dark night acts as the black mirror revealing our true self, or at least, an aspect of who we are/want to be. How is an artist’s production impacted by the invisible feelings and secret experiences we go through when the sun sets? Plans, footprints and fingerprints, stories to tell, private memories, meditation… What are the traces we choose to leave behind at dawn? How does an artist keep records of night? What are their « night visions »?