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Artnet, October 2019, Sarah Cascone features my exhibition The Role of a flower in the weekly Editors' Picks. 

Vogue Japan, August 2018, Women of a global lifestyle by Akiko Ichikawa

Purple Mag, March 2018, Pola Esther presents Pretty by Sophia Narrett (part of my booth) as one of the highlights of SPRING/BREAK Art Show. 

The Art Gorgeous, March 2018, my booth Unveil at SPRING/BREAK Art Show as one of the 9 women's art show to see on International Women's Day

ELLE Japan, October 2017, Azumi Hasegawa interviews me about my path; how I branched out into art from writing and how I started at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery.

L'Officiel, July 2017, I've been asked to share some of my favorite "contemporary art memories"


Artnet, May 2017, Eileen Kinsella features my group show Summer Night Wishes in the Editors Picks.


Artnet, February 2017, Sarah Cascone mentions my curatorial interpretation of the theme Black Mirror at SPRING/BREAK Art Show. 

Whitewall, Desiree Mitton recommends my booth at SPRING/BREAK Art Show. 


Libération, January 2017, I am interviewed by Baptiste Lecaplain about Obama's tears and he mentions my book Le Livre qui console

Artnet, May 2016, the editors picks features Hypogea, a show I curated at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. 

Cool Hunting, May 2016, David Graver reviews Radouan Zeghidour's solo show Hypogea that I curated in the Lower East Side of New York. 

The Creators Project, May 2016, Noémie Jennifer interviews Radouan Zeghidour and reviews the show Hypogea.

Hyperallergic, March 2016, Steven Weinberg mentions Pauline Guerrier's performance Dans un instant, that I curated as part of SPRING/BREAK Art Show. 

The Creators Project, March 2016, Beckett Mufson reviews the highlights of SPRING/BREAK Art Show and evokes Pauline Guerrier's performance Dans un instant that I brought to New York. 

Les Inrocks, October 2012, the article mentions my song Slow Sunday. 

You can download most of the articles about my book Le Livre qui console: here 

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