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by Clara Claus

June 6-17, 2018, Elizabeth Street Garden, NYC


Murmures has been thought as an ode whispered to the Big Apple, made with collected whispered stories of New York, told by fellow New Yorkers


Some anecdotes are intimate and moving; others are more trivial; some could have happened in any other place in the world but took place in New York; others are as New York as it gets…


Each story has inspired an abstract painting on a pole, like a painted totem, that will be installed in the garden. 


She has used all the recordings to create an audio piece accompanying the sculpture installation, all voices compiled to create a humming sound piece.


This buzzy sound adds to the impression of being immersed into a swarm of colors. The pigments have been spontaneously splashed on the wood, as the painter followed the melody of the words and voices, and the meaning of the stories.


Clara Claus painting practice has often been rooted in music and sound. She has previously collaborated with numerous esteemed musicians such as Bryce Dessner (The National), Sufjan Stevens or Joakim.

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